Why is Next History Speculative Technology Fiction?

A single question around speculative technology fiction drove me to write Next History: The Girl Who Hacked Tomorrow.

What if we found a completely accurate history of our beginnings, an unbiased record that was not passed down verbally, not reimagined in every telling?

I started looking at creation myths of many cultures, located the first feminine archetype, and found scholarly input that became an energy source for every writer’s favorite question: What If?

Really worth reading ~ If you can imagine reading Neal Stephenson – before anyone much had heard of him and mix it with Good Omens – this might be that novel. ~ Megan on Amazon

The answers created turmoil. They pushed some of the characters toward God. Some were driven in desperate search for a demon or an angel that could redeem them. The young female protagonist is prepared to settle for death, to throw away all her money for a single chance to see her mother again. She is driven, yet too realistic to think a Devil could possibly exist. And she laughs at the idea of a bargain with God.

One thing I learned in the writing, it is the intensity of a character’s quest, not what it is, that makes a story move.

Along the way I saw an important flaw in the history and mythology around the archetypal Lilith, the first female created in Babylonian and Hebrew mythology. Did I use that? Oh yes I did.

Next History weaves big-iron predictive knowledge, a plugged-in world population, Sumerian creation myth, and a demonic presence with a hip sensibility to launch us beyond the hyperdata age toward a shifting and dangerous event horizon.

The story is a head-changing whirl toward a future world so outrageous, the survivors will be forced to adapt, or die.

Jacket Blurb

Exquisite and resourceful Tharcia, at risk in a world where
instinctive drives have been unleashed, seeks her mother for
a final throwdown.

Her only difficulty is that Mom is dead.

Through her peculiar mix of technology and magic, Tharcia ensnares
a strange entity in a geometric prison. It is not her mother.

When Tharcia unearths an enchanting oracle from her deepest being,
her life, and the future of humanity, is about to be reprogrammed.

Will there be a collective, agonizing dive into chaos and depravity?
Will Tharcia reveal humanity’s true purpose?

Or, will nothing change at all, except for the dark fate
of one luckless girl?

Find out for yourself. I felt in the end that I had a story worth telling. It brings up the most important question humans ever face: Who am I and how do I matter to the universe? The answer belongs to you.

The Hidden Perils of Suicide

Sex and Immortality in 2099 California

This title is coming early 2019.

If you commit suicide with unpaid taxes, the IRS calls you a jammer. But don’t count on merely being dead to get you off. If you owe the Fed, you’ll have your special day in court.

It’s technology, see? The Fed has it down. They reconstitute departed tax cheats to reclaim their hidden wealth.

But hey! Want a new identity? New fingerprints? How about that physique you had at seventeen?

The future is the best hideout while your investments mature and that pesky IRS heat dies down.

And it’s all yours. If you can beat the rap.

But the future? Nice going, Jammer. No one really wants to live there.

When Bobby Lightfoot finds himself in federal court, alive after being a frozen corpse for six decades, he has no idea why he’s on trial with the IRS for committing suicide. Bobby’s legal strategist, Adiari de Barcelona, defends criminal jammers who commit suicide to avoid paying taxes. When she helps raid a secret facility to extract Bobby, she sees a darkened room of pendulous chrysalids containing half-grown human bodies.

Strangely, Bobby and Adiari experience a powerful attraction and gradually recall they were once man and wife; she’s worked decades in the legal system waiting to defend him at trial.

And behind these seeming contradictions, a planet-wide intelligent machine, the Overfriend, has suppressed wars, mass killings, starvation, disease and genocide on Earth. Adiari and Bobby fear its terrifying power. To them it’s a mad mind creating a world of unconscious human surrogates.

Their mission is to find its kill switch.

The Hidden Perils of Suicide is coming December, 2018.

Where To Buy Lee Baldwin’s Novels

I’ll admit to being hard-headed.

It’s not like I haven’t tried being soft-headed, though. But I finally stopped resisting the new FREE EVERYTHING trope in indie publishing and decided to go ahead and put one of my books out for the low, low price of zip, zilch, zero, nada. 99 cents is so yesterday. Even more astounding, I’ve included free excerpts of all my other novels, even an unpublished one as well, The Hidden Perils of Suicide.

If you got here from my 2018 edition of Next History, follow the publisher icons below (Amazon, Tolino, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo/Plus), OverDrive (for libraries), Scribd, 24Symbols, Playster and Inktera). That’s where you can buy any of these novels for your next fun read.

Beauty Pill ~ a screwball romance ~

Beauty Pill by Lee Baldwin COMING SOON TO AMAZON.

A rom-com with brains, a mind, and a heart.

A hard-luck TV weather girl on the verge of being fired takes one last shot at redemption when she joins the clinical trial for a miracle drug.

Savage Genesis ~ Book One, Refuge and Asylum

Buy on Amazon.

UFO Pulp Fiction For The Twisted Mind.

An archaeologist extracts a coded message from a pre-Colombian sculpture, disclosing that Earth is a failed colony of an ancient galactic race.

Humanity will not be amused.

Halcyon Dreamworlds ~ enslaved by the future of desire ~


Audacious and powerful, Halcyon Dreamworlds explores what could happen when the rampant greed of American elites turns a devastating cyber-weapon upon the population. Their goal: to strip away all material wealth for the benefit of the few, rendering America’s people into slavery.

Next History ~ the girl who hacked tomorrow ~

Exquisite and resourceful Tharcia, at risk in a world where instinctive drives are now unleashed, seeks her mother for a final throwdown. Her only difficulty is that Mom is dead. Through her peculiar mix of technology and occult craft, Tharcia summons a strange entity into a geometric prison.

It is not her mother.

Angle of Attack ~ An Adventure in Aviation, Love, and Crime

Who’s trying to kill Cicero Clay?

“I am innocent. The blogs refer to me as Cicero Clay, glider flight instructor and paroled convict. But I didn’t do it. I can prove it. And no, you don’t want to call me by my first name. I am Clay.”

…so begins Lee Baldwin’s Angle of Attack. In the words of one Amazon reviewer, “Lee Baldwin has captured the pace of James Lee Burke and the descriptive ability of John Steinbeck.”

Next History and Pope Benedict

Matthew Fox on Benedict’s Papal Legacy and why it makes Next History relevant

Recently, NPR’s Amy Goodman interviewed excommunicated priest and author Matthew Fox on the legacy of Pope Benedict for the Catholic Church. Some of Fox’s remarks go to the heart of why I wrote Next History: The Girl Who Hacked Tomorrow, why I saw an important flaw in the history and mythology around womankind, and the archetypal Lilith, the first female created by God in Babylonian and Hebrew mythology.

Here’s Fox on why he was excommunicated:

“Number one was that I was a feminist theologian, he said. I didn’t know that was a heresy. Number two, I called God ‘Mother.’ Well, I proved that all kinds of medieval mystics called God ‘Mother,’ and so does the Bible, although not often enough.

“Number three, I prefer ‘original blessing’ to ‘original sin.’ Jesus never heard of it; no Jews ever heard of it. And they accused me of not condemning homosexuals, which of course I do not.

“They’re really Rorschach tests about what really freaks out the Vatican. And, of course, above all, it’s women and sex. And that is the agenda. Whenever there’s fundamentalism and fascism, it’s about control. That’s why the Vatican, the Taliban and Pat Robertson have this in common: They’re all freaked out by the possibility of bringing the divine feminine back, and with it, of course, the equal rights of women.”

Fox’s ‘divine feminine’ remark resonated with me, because the construction of Next History: The Girl Who Hacked Tomorrow originated with a single question: What would it be like if we discovered a crystal clear record of our creation times, historically accurate and not mythologized or distorted by politics? I discovered that the Akashic Record could fill that need. How could humans find out about the Record in large numbers? The whales could deliver it.

The Whales? Oh yes, I forgot, it’s science fiction.

OK suppose all that stuff. What would we find out? Among other things, we might discover that the goddess feminine in the form of the mythical Lilith has been smeared and degraded since about 2300 BCE, beginning with the stories the Levite priests told about her.

Prior to that Lilith was revered for hundreds of thousands of years as the source of abundance, the font of human life, health, healing and wisdom. My pet theory is that some males cannot live with the jealousy.

Next History in the end is the story of how Lilith comes to be alive on Earth again, how women the world over rise in waking consciousness of the feminine divine and come to be seen as the equals of men in every way. Equals, not superiors, it’s how women roll. Too bad it has to be science fiction, but this is a small seed I wanted to plant for whoever reads the book.