Fun in the Dreamworlds, Death in the Suburbs…

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Halcyon Dreamworlds is a multiplayer online roleplay universe with millions of player-addicts. In this sensual otherworld, players bring their secret desires, forbidden lust, and hungers for juicy domination.

The Dreamworlds promise a complete alternate lifetime of limitless satisfaction. Take your choice of a perfect existence in a permissive rave world, where your avatar can feel the touch of another. Your new private heaven, delivered through an electronic mind-meld. Just keep sending your coin.

But when turf wars in the Dreamworlds lead to real-world deaths, it isn’t playtime anymore.

Working to conquer her cyber-addiction, Logan Fischer finds her uncle dead. The cops declare the fantasy universe a crime scene.

When Logan discovers a masterplot of greed aimed at subjugating billions, she must act. But she’s forcibly placed in cold suspended sleep by the callous rich. Through a freakish circumstance, her Dreamworlds avatar keeps operating…