The Hidden Perils of Suicide

Sex and Immortality in 2099 California

This title is coming early 2019.

If you commit suicide with unpaid taxes, the IRS calls you a jammer. But don’t count on merely being dead to get you off. If you owe the Fed, you’ll have your special day in court.

It’s technology, see? The Fed has it down. They reconstitute departed tax cheats to reclaim their hidden wealth.

But hey! Want a new identity? New fingerprints? How about that physique you had at seventeen?

The future is the best hideout while your investments mature and that pesky IRS heat dies down.

And it’s all yours. If you can beat the rap.

But the future? Nice going, Jammer. No one really wants to live there.

When Bobby Lightfoot finds himself in federal court, alive after being a frozen corpse for six decades, he has no idea why he’s on trial with the IRS for committing suicide. Bobby’s legal strategist, Adiari de Barcelona, defends criminal jammers who commit suicide to avoid paying taxes. When she helps raid a secret facility to extract Bobby, she sees a darkened room of pendulous chrysalids containing half-grown human bodies.

Strangely, Bobby and Adiari experience a powerful attraction and gradually recall they were once man and wife; she’s worked decades in the legal system waiting to defend him at trial.

And behind these seeming contradictions, a planet-wide intelligent machine, the Overfriend, has suppressed wars, mass killings, starvation, disease and genocide on Earth. Adiari and Bobby fear its terrifying power. To them it’s a mad mind creating a world of unconscious human surrogates.

Their mission is to find its kill switch.

The Hidden Perils of Suicide is coming December, 2018.

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