Who the Heck Lee Baldwin is?

This is the place where authors cough up their “artist statement,” that flash of stunning insight which crystallizes their intellect, inspiration, and modesty for the ages. Bah, humbug. It doesn’t mean much unless someone else says it, so please check out the reviews of my various books.

But what is this obscure artist’s work about? Is it real, and if so, why? Why does anyone like writing anyway? Furthermore, you may ask, ‘What Is Speculative Fiction, And What’s In It For Me?’

Lee Baldwin is author of speculative fiction and adventure fiction in Ashland, Oregon. He’s got four novels out (Amazon, Scribd, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, 24 Seven, Inktera, etc.) Aliens Got My Sally: UFO Pulp Fiction for the Twisted Mind, Next History: The Girl Who Hacked Tomorrow, Halcyon Dreamworlds: Enslaved to the Future of Desire, and an amateur sleuth mystery, Angle of Attack: An Adventure in Aviation, Love, and Crime. He’s also written a collection of Western noir shorts, The Adventures of Lance Sidesaddle, The Olde West’s Most Lovable Lout.

Flying etc.

Baldwin is a glider pilot and amateur race car driver. From these sports, as well as cycling, windsurfing and rollerblading, Baldwin derives the realistic action scenes that make his stories unusual.

Art and Music

Baldwin is a visual artist and jazz keyboard player. His tech career includes user experience design from the downbeat at Netscape in 1995 to his final bar at Cisco in 2011. In this work he provided user interface and UX development for websites, web tools, and desktop software.

In his artwork since the 1970s, Baldwin conceived his three-dimensional approach to art glass design, invented the painting style known as Hard-Edge Impressionism, and coined the term Repainted Photograph, to describe his digital treatments of California landscapes.

My Dad

I am the son of the late Thomas Russell Baldwin, professor of music in the California State Colleges. Professor Baldwin received a resolution from the California State Senate after his passing in 1982, for his lifetime contribution to the musical life of California.

From 1947 until his retirement in 1978, Professor Baldwin was a member of the San Bernardino Valley College music faculty. A native of Chicago, at Valley College he taught composition, harmony, counterpoint, music history and piano, and served as head of the music department. He also served as president of the Redlands Spinet club. He lived in San Bernardino from 1947 to 1958, and in Redlands from 1958 until his passing in 1982.

Mr. Baldwin was an accomplished composer. His composition, “Concertino in F Major for Piano and Orchestra,” was commissioned and performed for the commemoration of San Bernardino Valley College’s 50th anniversary in 1976. Today, SBVC maintains a scholarship in his name to support exceptional piano students intending to transfer to a four-year college.