Beauty Pill ~ the girl who hated love

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Beauty Pill ~ Instant good looks from a miracle drug?

Coming to Amazon Kindle in February, 2019

A hard-luck Oregon TV weather girl on the verge of being fired takes one last shot at redemption when she joins the clinical trial for a miracle drug.

As Cathy participates in the clinical trial, she receives a twice-weekly dosage and attends a stagecraft workshop, intended to ‘make the brain malleable’ for the drug to work. Her trajectory at the TV station rises, and she’s called to interview at a bigger Portland station.

Cathy Macallan’s social world centers on her workplace, Southern Oregon television station KHRM-TV. At 27, she’s been conned by her narcissist mother to abandon a good job to move home to Ashland and help with Mother’s fictitious illness. Cathy’s main thing is to get a promotion at work so she can move out, but Mother’s explanations for losing her house and for being suddenly cured are weird and sticky.

Beauty Pill is a romantic drama with a brain, a heart,
and a double mystery, targeted at the cruelest fiction
perpetrated on American women: the Beauty Queen.

Anchored in achieving success by telling her viewers what is true, Cathy’s core difficulty is to balance Mother’s criticism with the self-approval she feels from her secret identity, an imaginary superheroine she invented at age 8 and calls Nova Girl. Cathy never stops seeking enlightenment… from her constant investigations, from Nova Girl, from her struggle toward self-realization and her openness for what wisdom might arise.

Helped by her least-likely friend, a cameraman at the station, Cathy recognizes that it might be Nova Girl who holds the answer; Nova Girl whispers a logical conundrum and Cathy knows she alone must solve the puzzle to learn the truth. Or invent it.

Here’s Cathy on the 6 o’clock News Hour in one of her infamous broken-teleprompter protests:

“Good people of Southern Oregon! America is a memory. We have only Google and Facebook and YouTube and Twitter and Apple. Amazon and Walmart. Those are today’s nations, created by elites to soothe the self-indulgent masses, to separate us into preference bubbles which exclude everything that scares us. These corporations have morphed into information fiefdoms where all you have to sell is your next heartbeat, and it’s the one they planned for you.”

“And what of simple human decency?” Cathy continues, “when many would live their lives in a TV beer commercial? A world of smiling friends with boobs, butts, six-pack abs and happy endings, where there’s no thought of death and little of social justice. The control room is pulling the plug on me now, but here’s my final thought, good people of the Rogue Valley. Know thy neighbor. Help thy neighbor. Love thy neighbor.”