Really Disturbed

How To Win With A Narcissist

Really disturbed personalities come when a childhood loss of essential nurturing leads to a depressive disposition, a twin conjoined to primal hunger for narcissistic supplies (NS) forever after. Amen.

Tough, but true. And, there is no known cure in all of psychiatry. Love distortions and addictions plus heavy gambling therefore follow, and appear to the narcissist as the struggle for life. For the narcissist, that is the struggle for narcissistic supplies (NS).

It’s the yearning for denied primitive attention in an adult context. Adult, meh.


Everything from a narcissist is projection. From themselves onto you. If the narcissist is saying bad juju about clean air, then it is the narcissist’s own flaw sent out as a deflection shield. It’s a candid confession and should be disregarded as such. Page 6 max.

Those who habitually provide NS to the narcissist will be absorbed into the narcissist solely as an expectation satisfier. Live up to those lies, comrades, for the good of the party! In the mind of a narcissist there is no boundary between self and other. The giant gray amoeba burps, “Gotcha.”

Make Americans Sleep Under The Grate Again

Lots of us have been there before. Under that storm drain beside the freeway. As the rich become more obvious in cutting off every lifeline to the middle class, there is but one way that group can move. They will become sludge, pressing on to join the ‘Bottom Two Billion’ which is humanity’s proudest achievement to January 20, 2017.

Don’t like that alt-future? Here’s today’s how-to on cutting off our Pseudo-President’s NS:

How To Withhold Narcissistic Supplies (NS)

  • Press will stop attending any and all WH briefings. Take each other to lunch instead. It isn’t worth what they say, and it withdraws attention, which withholds NS.
  • People must learn to avoid eye contact with the narcissist. Attention = NS.
  • Major newspapers will start their WH gabble no higher than page 6. There are more important things for your FP than childish bickering among undeveloped personalities. But note, they are outnumbered 1000 to 1 by lifetime professionals in our government, who have the game rigged. Just you wait.
  • Major networks will stop parroting every ramble from the narcissist. Press will keep the main thing the main thing. Don’t be mental, that’s copying.
  • Want to become a journalist? Turn the alt-bright mouth-breathers OFF after their third lie. Question what they are saying. Point out when they’re off the topic, and do it in a bitch-mother voice. Katie this means you, too.
  • The narcissist cares not for behavioral consistency. Don’t ask why. IGNORE.
  • Attacking the narcissist equals attention equals NS. Stop attacking, visit your gym. Healthy!
  • Become aware that the narcissist and its followers live only in a world of belief. There is no argument for belief, which is why it is so messed up.
  • Major networks will stop papering their on-air set backgrounds with the Pseudo-President’s image. Use a tasteful grouping of Maurice Utrillo’s paintings. Remember that any person ignoring or looking away from the narcissist is a fearsome object. No NS = sad!


Are the TV networks advertising to only our 1st ever Pseudo-President? Trying to curry favor and not sink in the ratings?

Awww, show a little spine, Americans!

Or are networks the bad aliens from the Fenichel Dimension trying to stop up the public mind with this cult-in-a-box cartoon comedy? It’s already happened! We snoozed, you loozed.  One word from his lips is everything to you now.

Yes-we-get-it. No-need-to-question-the-soundbyte. B-z-z-z-z-z.


Pls. see Category #1.

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