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Conservative Agenda Through Observation

Okay, we Amerikans get it. The GOP and the Conservative Platform will never put their Conservative Agenda plans and ideas into clarifying documents. Nay, nay. They will do random things and the rest of us have to guess at the purpose and meaning.

Whereas: We have always wanted to see the Conservative Playbook written down, so we are doing it for them.

conservative agenda CACA, meaning Conservative Affordable Care AppNEWS FLASH! AFFORDABLE CARE ACT ::: By putting forth nothing constructive about improving the ACA over the last seven years, our seers have devined the reason. Conservatives have nothing constructive to offer. From a hidden microphone designed to look like old chewing gum under a lunchroom table at the NSA, here’s what we got.

*Conversation between a couple of geek spooks*

GEEK SPOOK # 1 – They brought out Obama’s Affordable Care Act in a new wrapper. It’s quite advanced.
GEEK SPOOK # 2 – Oh yeah? What do they call it?
GEEK SPOOK # 1 – Conservative Affordable Care App
GEEK SPOOK # 2 – It’s an app? Holy Snowden, that is modern!
GEEK SPOOK # 1 – Yeah. It’s the same as ObamaCare rolled into a smartphone app.
GEEK SPOOK # 2 – Let’s see, the acronym would be…
GEEK SPOOK # 2 – Needs a little work.
GEEK SPOOK # 1 – Yeah, but it will definitely stick.

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