Featured on “That’s Books”

January 9th, 2012
By Martin Scholes

Hi, Lee. Wow. What a read! Had me glued to my Kindle reader!

I have featured your novel on my book review site That’s Books.

I was interested in the location of the story, Santa Clara. Last September at the age of 54 I took the first flight in my life which was quite an adventure in itself, being from the UK to San Francisco. My final destination, where I spent just under a week? Santa Clara, with a trip to the Googleplex at Mountain View, for a conference at Google!

Quite a coincidence!

Angle of Attack Now Live on Amazon for Kindle

Mystery adventure novel, Angle of Attack, now available on Amazon Books for Kindle.

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Adventure and intrigue in a world of extreme flying, quirky women, and the power they covet.

Cicero Clay is a researcher of vintage WWII warbirds, a glider flight instructor, and an accidental convict.

While Clay pursues proof that he was framed, an old girlfriend becomes his Parole Officer.

Now in league with a jailed gangsta boss, the girlfriend has corrupted the County parole system, and wants Clay dead, to protect the gang leader.

While trying to stay alive, Clay’s fights to complete his mission: flying a stolen vintage fighter across three states to a secretive buyer. Clay has never flown powered aircraft.

Clay must deduce the motivations of shadowy characters to survive, and face challenges that push him beyond his comfort zone. In action typical of the story’s unique action scenes, Clay finds out the hard way that a glider can become a murder weapon. And how to fix it before he hits the ground.

Angle of Attack immerses the reader in scenes of extreme flying, rapid plot shifts, and quirky, colorful characters pressed to their limits. The story is set in Santa Cruz, Hollister, San Jose, and other California locales.

Amid the action, a charming love story emerges, as Clay discovers a love he would never have imagined.

Angle of Attack lives up to its title, as a new ally in Clay’s battle appears to attack his remaining enemy with a mortal blow.