Adventures of the Old West’s Most Lovable Lout

A time warp of western humor, legendary satirical cowboy romance in Western short stories.

Lancelot Sidesaddle is a man in a time warp. Satire, to be more precise. His style of dress and his personal values are those of old west history, say around 1850. His private investigator office, above Whiskey Row in Prescott Arizona, does not exist today.

But if you find his doorway and climb the stairs, you’ll travel back in time 160 years, to an historical (and hysterical) era when ladies wore long bustled skirts, the stage coach traveled four days to Phoenix, and gold prospecting was active on the high plateau.

Lance thinks he lives in a cowboy romance, but never realizes he’s the butt of all jokes. If he did, he would take it philosophically, a word he is still learning how to spell. Lance never loses his good humor and his willingness to help his fellow citizens.

A Few Reviews

4 stars – An accomplished and amusing collection with an honest, cheerful and refreshing hero. Well worth a look. Wry and Funny – Much Better Than This Amazon Site Description Might Suggest. The stories in this book are smart, funny and wry – presented in a deadpan, clueless style that highlights what a doofus the narrator is and what a subtle and accomplished storyteller the author is.

In his head Lance Sidesaddle is an 1850’s cowboy – honest, true, straight and noble. He also fancies himself as a private detective, so what you get is a sort of noir take on old-fashioned cowboy conventions. But, Lance isn’t too bright, and through a combination of denseness, misguided zeal, and self-delusion, he never quite gets a handle on what’s going on around him. So, actually what you get is a noir cowboy detective Don Quixote.

Now, that is very hard stuff to write. Lance has to be clueless and yet sympathetic. It’s hard to juggle that kind of character, and I admire the author’s skill. ~ Pop Bop TOP 1000 REVIEWER

5 stars – HILARIOUS! If I can stop laughing I’ll write a review. This book is HILARIOUS! I loved it. Lance Sidesaddle is a PI, who, if he was any smarter could be considered dumb. He’s an absolute hoot to follow around. He’s always getting himself into some type of trouble that leads to his solving the mystery.

Lee Baldwin is witty on every turn, and if you don’t read each paragraph carefully, you’ll likely miss two or three of the jokes. I seriously don’t even know how a person could write that many knee slappers. Excellently written, it’s six quick blasts of pure fun! ~ Margaret

5 stars – I have a new Favorite P.I. I laughed until I laughed some more. It was refreshing and I would to love to read more. ~ R.D. Avant