Lee Baldwin’s Current Titles

Savage Genesis Book One

An archaeologist extracts a coded message from a pre-Columbian sculpture, disclosing that Earth is a failed colony of an ancient galactic race. Humanity is not amused.

How will humanity handle knowing it’s the castoff relation of a spacefaring race that owns and operates the galaxy? Most humans, like protagonist Anna, must be pushed to the brink before they think about changing their ways, even if it will save their world.

Much of the cosmological underpinning to this story owes to Arizona State’s Paul Davies, who wrote, “I think it very likely – in fact, inevitable – that biological intelligence is only a transitory phenomenon. If we ever encounter extraterrestrial intelligence, I believe it is very likely to be post-biological in nature.”

Davies suggests that advanced technology might not even be made of matter. It might have no fixed size or shape, have no defined boundaries, and be dynamic on all scales of space and time.

Baldwin’s prose is punchy and laced with wit… sketches a far future for humanity… a post-biological era… highlights the cost of disloyalty to one another’s dreams…

Halcyon Dreamworlds: Enslaved by the future of desire

An apocalyptic convergence of raw human greed and cybernetic intelligence.

Amid gritty realities of 2029 Amerika, conflict between ultra-rich elites and the rest of us reaches blinding rage. It is most intense within the online avatar universe known as Halcyon Dreamworlds.

The Dreamworlds is a permissive online rave with the morals of a beer commercial… where your avatar can mosh with millions of fellow addicts in secret lives of unbridled lust.

But when an elite mastermind corrupts your private heaven through an electronic mind-meld wired to your neocortex, you’ll be doing what he tells you… in real life.

And as you fritter away each passing nanosecond, your next instruction could be: go die. There’s nothing virtual about being dead.

Next History: The Girl Who Hacked Tomorrow

Exquisite and resourceful Tharcia, at risk in a world where instinctive drives are now unleashed, seeks her mother for a final throwdown. Her only difficulty is that Mom is dead. Through her peculiar mix of technology and occult craft, Tharcia summons a strange entity into a geometric prison.

It is not her mother. Oops.

When Tharcia finds in her deepest being a secret twin, the future of humanity is due to be reprogrammed. Will there be a collective, agonizing dive into chaos and depravity? Will it reveal humanity’s true purpose? Or, will nothing change at all, except for the dark fate of one luckless girl?

Angle of Attack: An Adventure in Aviation, Love, and Crime

Clay is a glider flight instructor and paroled convict. Imprisoned for participating in a drug deal, he claims to be innocent. He’s about to point that glider straight down, just to see what will happen.

His biggest threat in life is a cast-off woman. He called her Montana when they hung out in high school. She’s now his parole officer.

Discover some insider how-to as you lift off in a WWII relic fighter late at night, headed for a secret rendezvous three states away.

Lance Sidesaddle: Stories of The Old West’s Most Lovable Lout

Lance drives an old Chevy V8 pickup that he calls Ol’ Paint, due to the flaking primer that adorns those parts of the body which are not rust-colored. He calls it a Dodge because that sounds more Western. It’s a 4X4, but it’s only running on seven cylinders. Much like our boy, Lance.

Lance never realizes he’s the butt of all jokes. If he did, he would take it philosophically, a word he is still learning how to spell. Lance never loses his good humor and his willingness to help his fellow citizens.

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