I would recommend… an intriguing flying adventure novel

June, 2012
By Keith Clarke, Bowland Forest, UK, Gliding Club
for Sailplane and Gliding Magazine, June-July, 2012

Angle of Attack is a… tale of flying, drugs, murder and mayhem. Gliding instructor Cicero Clay, fresh from prison, is desperately trying to stay alive and on the right side of the law… while smuggling a stolen P-51 Mustang to New Mexico and trying to keep one step ahead of unknown people who apparently want him dead.

As a glider pilot, Lee Baldwin’s love of flying shows in the detailed flying sequences, which tend to push the envelopes, both literary and aeronautic. And maybe it’s the jazz musician in him that compels him to play with extremes… flying, characters, and relationships. This is a book that will often nudge at the boundaries of your comfort zone. Inhabiting the edgy world of the Californian iPad generation, this book suits the Kindle admirably…

I know that a Kindle can be a boon on an expedition (mine holds avionics and flight manuals, as well as all my holiday reading) and I was pleased to download an inexpensive book with a flying theme for when the thermals refuse to pop. As such, I would recommend Angle of Attack to open-minded readers as an intriguing novel, full of surprises and aviation allusion; good fantasy stuff to while away some hours beside a rainy airfield, but I’ll probably keep it out of reach of my mother!

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  1. Buck

    Now that I have read the adventures of Tharcia and Clay in Lee Baldwins novels “Angle of Attack” and “Next History”, I can say he tells a very interesting tale. I found the the key characters very believable in these Si-Fi fantasy tales. The reading of both books was like reading a maze that builds to a complete story. “Angle of Attack” also has interest to aviation readers that was very well researched and presented here. I am looking forward to reading more of Mr. Baldwins books.
    Buck of Ashland OR.

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