Premise for ‘Aliens Got My Sally’

Speculative Science Fiction

A novel is like a pinball game ~ Once the shiny new character lurches into motion, it encounters the bumpers and flippers of the plot and bounces wildly off, tracing out the unique path of tension and surprise we call a story ~ A thrill dispenser wired to your neural architecture ~ For the author, it’s an even bigger gamble ~

In my upcoming gnovel, Aliens Got My Sally, an archaeologist determines the Earthly locations of alien mining operations which predate humanity by several million years, when those involved dropped by to refuel their spacecraft with goodies found on Earth. This, one reckons, leaves marks across the planet as from no human mining operation, and when Anna Lewis finds herself being lowered hundreds of feet below ground into such a place, she feels in her bones what kind of weird it is. She predicted this very location in her Ph.D. thesis, the one her dastardly thesis advisor copied before he started a project to locate such places for big moolah.

As it comes home to her how she’s been cheated, a loud thud sounds high above and Anna’s only exit is cut off, as are the two climbing ropes that connect her to the surface. Make that ‘connected,’ because the ropes depart into past tense and she falls into the shaft, repeating her death poem. That’s when things go really haywire.

Is Humanity Worth Saving is the question of my thesis, (well lah de dah, there I go in my old University voice of trying to sound good to my profs).