Writers’ Resources

These are links to various notes I’ve gathered that could be of interest to writers.

Scene and Plot

A mashup of observations from Shawn Coyne, Larry Brooks, and Steven Pressfield (X – Files) on building plot momentum and reader hunger.

Willamette Writers Conference 2014

2014 Willamette Writers Conference Seminar Notes, these are the interesting sessions I attended. The notes cover premise, concept, creating interesting characters, handling conflict resolution, the second half of the second act, the next five years of e-publishing, and notes from a agent’s panel discussion.

Sheila Bender Talk on Experiential Writing

Sheila spoke at the Sept. 2014 Central Point Willamette Writer’s meeting.

Editing and Proofing on Your Kindle

Proofing and structural editing require a major mind-wipe. You’re on your Kindle or something similar every day. It’s a useful resource for authors and publishers.