Baldwin’s Cyber-Fantasy Next History FORMERLY Free on Multiple eBook Platforms


These sales channels will deliver the eBook to your friendly reading device for a paltry two hundred and ninety nine cents. Free offer went extinct MAY 18, 2018, the 38th anniversary of Mt. St. Helens

The Appeal of Next History

Next History is an adult fantasy that brings you face-on to the overall buggery of the patriarchal system to enjoy in a vicarious way how it could feel to flip that on its noggin. The story poses a key question: Are your immediate needs more important than the future of life on Earth? Every human being faces that question and many of us fail at it.

If you can imagine reading Neal Stephenson – before anyone much had heard of him and mix it with Good Omens – this might be that novel.” Reader Comment

Humorous, a cliff hanger, a marvelous love story, and perfectly executed.” Reader Comment

Compares well to Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robbins.” Reader Comment

The Story

In Next History, a young woman yearns for one final smackdown with her abusive mother. Only problem is that Mom is deceased. But she’s no doubt a demon in hell by now so can therefore be summoned into a pentagram using the proper incantation. But this pentagram turns out to be the United States Pentagon and what appears there is not her mother.

An Additional Plus

You’ll receive lengthy excerpts from four of my other novels in the same volume: Aliens Got My Sally, Halcyon Dreamworlds, Angle of Attack and The Hidden Perils of Suicide are included.

Lee Baldwin’s writing plays well with supernatural suspense, military science fiction, supernatural romance, dystopian fantasy, fantasy apocalypse, and cyberpunk thrillers.

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