Angle of Attack

An Adventure in Aviation, Love, and Crime

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I am innocent. The blogs refer to me as Cicero Clay, glider flight instructor and paroled convict. But I didn’t do it. I can prove it. And no, you don’t want to call me by my first name. I am Clay.

…so begins Lee Baldwin’s Angle of Attack. In the words of one Amazon reviewer, “Lee Baldwin has captured the pace of James Lee Burke and the descriptive ability of John Steinbeck.”

An aviation novel, flying adventure and breathtaking romance, it’s all here in one fast-moving package featuring the P-51 Mustang, escort to the B17 squadrons that took down the Third Reich in 1945.

“…a rattling good ride…really good and totally believable…” – Soaring NZ Magazine

Set in the worlds of high-performance soaring, aerial combat, WWII fighter aircraft, the world’s most expensive diamonds and lovely, quirky women, Baldwin’s aviation-themed mystery novel is “a wonderful read” that “pushes all the right mystery buttons,” according to other reviewers.

Angle of Attack almost reads as an innocent romance, until you get it that one of those power-hungry dames is trying to kill off the easy-going glider flight instructor whose worst flaw is trusting everybody. Well, almost his worst.

Not that he shouldn’t know better… his ‘associates’ have been trying to trap him for years, and now they’ve upped the ante so much that several players are trying to kill him.

Why? Maybe because an old girlfriend lied to him, and an old bad-boy partner made sure he got falsely accused and sent up the river.

Maybe it’s because his paranoid, ex-Navy jet mechanic brother stole an antique WWII fighter plane. Somebody has to fly it out of the country. Can anyone guess who? Ah, but that person has no power flight experience, he only flies gliders. This is fighter pilot fiction from the viewpoint of an innocent convict. A botched diamond theft and a woman’s murderous lust for power, a stolen WWII P51 Mustang!

Like I said, some of these women are crazy. Which one is it who drugs Clay, then slides into his bed late at night? And who stole his parole agent’s diamond necklace? (And what is a parole agent doing with diamond jewelry, anyway?)

Baldwin interleaves plot threads with a masterful touch. Rooted in everyday realities, his tale keeps raising the stakes until the reader is flying through night skies in a stolen warbird, trying to avoid disaster while fighting to preserve a piece of history.

A flying book among aviation novels and flying adventures, fighter pilot fiction about the p51 mustang in aerial combat, among leading mysteries and thrillers kindle best sellers…

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