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Entertaining read… grabbed my imagination in the first 100 words… delights the reader with ample servings of mystery, political intrigue, scientific plausibility and hope. I highly recommend this book… provocative, entertaining, and fun. – Randie, Amazon Reviewer

Baldwin’s prose is punchy and laced with wit, especially in the edgy banter between feisty Anna and antagonists Gonzalo Sandoval and Carl Mumford…language is streamlined… characters hit all of the right notes: Anna is appealingly feisty in her interactions with her male colleagues and appropriately wary of the professed beneficence of the Cuz of Thiele. – Booklife LLC and PWxyz LLC

…sketches a far future for humanity, a post biological era of combined cybernetics and biology in a manner that is completely plausible. – Betty, Amazon Reviewer

The writing is delicious and fast-paced… women’s fiction, because the plot turns on the values of two lifelong friends at the mercy of the patriarchy… the ‘alien’ species has defeated its own version of patriarchal rule, which is a sign of hope. – Sherri Z. Amazon Reviewer

Well-crafted and gripping. Excellent… absolutely hooked me…a brilliantly twisted mind which produced a true gem of a book. – K.Damas, Goodreads Reviewer

…the story moved quickly and kept me turning pages. I really enjoyed the heroine Anna and the outcome …truly an original – K. Chapman, Amazon Reviewer

Review of Aliens Got My Sally, by D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Review of Books

Aliens Got My Sally. I LOVED Aliens Got My Sally… I wish all books were this original and well-written! Plus, I’ve read a LOT of ‘alien abduction’ literature… so it was especially pleasing to see a different approach! – D. Donovan, Editor

From the Author
Besides appearing in the May 2017 issue of Midwest Book Review, Aliens Got My Sally also appears in California Bookwatch for the May 2017 edition.