Assorted Reviews

Next History: Her Deal With The Devil

Next History is a grown-up fantasy that arises from a central question: What would tomorrow be like if we knew our creation story as it really was, not verbally handed down over thousands of years? In these pages you’ll see what happens when the Babylonian creation myth comes into the light, when a woman summons a supernatural being into the world’s biggest pentagram: The United States Pentagon.

Really worth reading. If you can imagine reading Neal Stephenson – before anyone much had heard of him and mix it with Good Omens – this might be that novel. ~ Megan (Ashland, OR USA)

A struggle between the divine feminine and the patriarchy A surprising theme for a science fiction novel. The descriptions of the “dreamtime” are lyrical and sensuously enjoyable, sometimes funny. The whole world is hallucinating… beautifully written with insight and subtlety. The action is fast and totally engaging. Tharcia is a lovable character, her struggle is heartbreaking. ~ Karuna Chapman

A fascinating read. Baldwin has done it again….his writing is jazzy, rhythmic, well-paced… multiple levels of action… Gives voice to feminism, magic, occult, mystery, cops and robbers and love… Articulate, intelligent and just plain fun to read. Well done! ~ R. Clarke

A unique voice in storytelling. Next History is humorous, a cliff hanger, a marvelous love story, and perfectly executed. ~ Ernie Smitty

A great cyber punk story! The cyber science behind it is fascinating and believable… fast-paced plot twists will keep you guessing… I recommend this book to science fiction and cyber punk fans… a quality read! ~ Blaine Coleman

Excellent read. Reminds me of some of Heinlein’s later imaginative, philosophical books. An unusual & entertaining combo of science fiction, fantasy & philosophy presented very elegantly. ~ Rodney (Massillon, Oho)

Fantastic read. What a great novel… it compares to Even Cowgirls Get the Blues by Tom Robbins. Pick this up and enjoy the read. ~ Jed M. Wells D P M

Just read it! From page one to the conclusion, unbridled imagination flames through the pages of this novel… held my attention as would a mystery/suspense novel. Women have before played the lead in plots that range from military weapons to the dark sides of the human psyche, but Tharcia and the characters in Next History are grounded in ordinary reality, which makes the occult and spiritual developments more extraordinary and surprising. There is more than one ending, with several sub-plots resolving as the events unfold toward the final scene. ~ Sherri Zysk

Savage Genesis Book One ~ Rescue and Asylum

This is a fast ride to the other side of the galaxy and the other side of time… based on an archaeologists discovery of a coded fragment which reveals that humanity is a forgotten colony of a galactic civilization as old as the universe.

Fascinating! … a fast ride with strong female characters leading you through honey worms to another world. Through twisted ideas you come to believe the outrageous is possible. ~ Laurie

All Life Deserves Its Dignity … a fascinating book that will entertain but will at the same time require the reader to open their minds and try to squeeze new concepts into their thinking along with the old and familiar. One needs to be willing to shift a few paradigms to follow this one. Have fun… ~ Jack Reed

A delightful, imaginative and entertaining read! …grabbed my imagination in the first 100 words. It tempted the tastebuds of my mind and kept me gobbling up pages as fast as I could turn them. Baldwin combines his skills as an adventurer, technocrat and visionary to whip up a tale that delights the reader with ample servings of mystery, political intrigue, scientific plausibility and hope. A rare combination in a time when perceptions of humanity are marred with cynicism and fear. I highly recommend this book. It is provocative, entertaining, and fun. ~ Randie

A great read! I loved the way the story moved quickly and kept me turning pages. I really enjoyed the heroine Anna and the outcome. Mr. Baldwin’s mind is truly an original. Bring on the honey worms and flying lounges! ~ Karuna Chapman

Original women’s fiction, not just sci-fi The writing is delicious and fast-paced …a galaxy-size adventure with unusual characters. … rewarding, with its unusual take on far-future technology and post-biological life. The story puts humanity face to face with an alien species that is billions of years old. I particularly liked the idea of the universe arising out of consciousness. I’d recommend this book to anyone, women especially, who’s looking for a well-written story that keeps you thinking. ~ Sherri Zysk

Alien abduction for the modern mind …a thought-provoking page turner …a third entry in a conceptual trilogy with his earlier novels Halcyon Dream worlds and Next History …an offbeat take on where humanity came from, the nature of consciousness, and the nature of physics… sketches a far future, a post-biological era of combined cybernetics and biology in a manner that is completely plausible… a surprise flip on alien intentions for the human race. ~ Betty