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I’ll admit to being hard-headed.

It’s not like I haven’t tried being soft-headed, though. But I finally stopped resisting the new FREE EVERYTHING trope in indie publishing and decided to go ahead and put one of my books out for the low, low price of zip, zilch, zero, nada. 99 cents is so yesterday. Even more astounding, I’ve included free excerpts of all my other novels, even an unpublished one as well, The Hidden Perils of Suicide.

Beauty Pill ~ Drowning In Her World Of Lies ~

Beauty Pill by Lee BaldwinA screwball romance.

A rom-com with brains, a mind, and a heart.

A hard-luck TV weather girl on the verge of being fired takes one last shot at redemption when she joins the clinical trial for a miracle drug.

Savage Genesis ~ Book One, Refuge and Asylum

UFO Pulp Fiction For The Twisted Mind.

An archaeologist extracts a coded message from a pre-Columbian sculpture, disclosing that Earth is a failed colony of an ancient galactic race.

Humanity will not be amused.

Halcyon Dreamworlds ~ The Robot Cries In The End ~

An apocalyptic convergence of human greed and cyber-intelligence

Audacious and powerful, Halcyon Dreamworlds explores what could happen when the rampant greed of American elites turns a devastating cyber-weapon upon the population. Their goal: to strip away all material wealth for the benefit of the few, rendering America’s people into slavery.

Next History ~ the girl who hacked tomorrow ~

Exquisite and resourceful Tharcia, at risk in a world where instinctive drives are now unleashed, seeks her mother for a final throwdown. Her only difficulty is that Mom is dead. Through her peculiar mix of technology and occult craft, Tharcia summons a strange entity into a geometric prison.

It is not her mother.

Angle of Attack ~ An Adventure in Aviation, Love, and Crime

Who’s trying to kill Cicero Clay?

“I am innocent. The blogs refer to me as Cicero Clay, glider flight instructor and paroled convict. But I didn’t do it. I can prove it. And no, you don’t want to call me by my first name. I am Clay.”

…so begins Lee Baldwin’s Angle of Attack. In the words of one Amazon reviewer, “Lee Baldwin has captured the pace of James Lee Burke and the descriptive ability of John Steinbeck.”

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