I've been a creative copy writer, a software interface designer, a freelance fine artist. I was making music videos in LA before they were a thing. I like novels that educate me and make me think, in the midst of a good story, and that is the way I write. I love the big questions science fiction entertains, such as, can an intelligent galactic species secure its future? Working that out took me to the nature of consciousness, of reality, of physics, of my mind.

Featured on “That’s Books”

January 9th, 2012
By Martin Scholes

Hi, Lee. Wow. What a read! Had me glued to my Kindle reader!

I have featured your novel on my book review site That’s Books.

I was interested in the location of the story, Santa Clara. Last September at the age of 54 I took the first flight in my life which was quite an adventure in itself, being from the UK to San Francisco. My final destination, where I spent just under a week? Santa Clara, with a trip to the Googleplex at Mountain View, for a conference at Google!

Quite a coincidence!

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