Halcyon Dreamworlds

Halcyon Dreamworlds ~ The Robot Cries in the End ~


Audacious and powerful, Halcyon Dreamworlds explores what could happen when the rampant greed of American elites turns a devastating cyber-weapon upon the population. Their goal: to strip away all material wealth for the benefit of the few, rendering America’s people into slavery.

Logan Fischer, a childless divorcee and college-educated journalist, has been denied a professional career. She occupies a slot at a big-box store, on the tenuous edge of poverty. Like millions of others, Logan is addicted to a virtual online reality, a world which gives her the illusion of a better life.

When she’s fired for supposed indecency and her uncle Kevin is found dead, Logan is forced intothe hunt for Kevin’s killer. She is befriended by mysterious young and ultra-rich Beatrice, who lives in the mental sway of the online world. The two do not realize that by becoming lovers they advanced a key step in the plan of the elites for total financial domination. One of these elites is Beatrice’s diabolical father.

Not knowing that they are now controlled by the party world, Logan and Beatrice must get out of bed long enough to perceive what’s at stake. Helped by the police detective investigating Kevin’s death, they gather a cadre of insurgents, touching off escalating battles between elite factions, the removal of politicians, and mysterious deaths inside the virtual world. Through it all, a cyber-intelligence battles to help Logan, even as she stands in the cross-hairs of ultra-rich weapons.

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