Robot, Run

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Savage Genesis Book One – Rescue and Asylum

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An archaeologist extracts a coded message from a pre-Colombian sculpture, disclosing that Earth is a failed colony of an ancient galactic race.

Failed colony??? Humanity will not be amused.

Robot, Run

Dateline, Earth, 2099A machine hyper-intelligence from which no one can hide controls humanity. When an isolated woman discovers she’s been biologically altered, she develops a radical plan to deprogram that piece of crap so it can’t threaten humanity’s future.

She’s Adiari de Barcelona, a federal prosecutor who’s been genetically programmed by that machine Overmind to rescue the one man with whom she can begin a new breed of humans. What?!! New breed?? She won’t like that either when she finds out.

And wayyyyy back in the backstory, Adiari’s dying husband was about to be arrested for tax evasion. She did the only thing which at the time could possibly save him: she faked his suicide.

Fast forward to 2099, and Adiari’s tech-wiz husband Bobby Lightfoot finds himself the first person revived from coldsleep. He’s on trial in a reality 3D holo-vue courtroom drama, accused by the IRS for committing suicide to avoid taxes. But Adiari’s been expecting this kind of client for decades. She doesn’t yet know it’s her long-dead husband.