Savage Genesis Book One – Rescue and Asylum

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An archaeologist extracts a coded message from a pre-Colombian sculpture, disclosing that Earth is a failed colony of an ancient galactic race.

Failed colony??? Humanity will not be amused.

Savage Genesis – Rescue and Asylum lets you ponder what it would mean to find other intelligent life in the universe. But how would you feel to find that humanity is absolutely alone? Sad? Lonesome? Have you stayed out late at night, telling creepy UFO abduction stories with your friend?

Anna Lewis has thought about all these things. Chiefly she wondered why we haven’t found aliens in radio signals from the stars. She reasoned that if the human race is a latecomer to intelligent civilization in our galaxy, then aliens might have been on Earth wayyy before humans developed out of the deepest rocks. What were those little green men doing? Her biologist friends think they were infusing deep-buried microbes with their DNA.

And maybe they weren’t little and green at all, but looked a lot like us. So Anna, with her almost-Ph.D. and her curious mind decides to go looking… deep in an alien mine shaft.

Oh yay she found one!
Problem solved.
Oops, that was right before she fell in.

Welcome to Book One of Lee Baldwin’s new series, Savage Genesis